How RAM Home Improvement went from $500k to $1 Million in net profit in less than 9 months (without hiring additional employees)

"HealthSapiens helped us significantly in driving our profit expansion"

Nick Sauer, Partner

RAM Home Improvement and Remodeling
Before: $478,012 net income [2019]
After: $922,146 net income [2020]
Profit Gain: $444,134
Timeframe: 9 months

Case Study: How Masonry at Work went from $631k to $1.2 million in net profit in 1 year (without hiring additional employees)

"We love working with HealthSapiens. We were able to achieve meaningful improvement in sales and profit with the same employee base."

Mark Taylor, President

Masonry at Work
Before: $630,976
After: $1,203,176
Profit Gain: $572,200
Timeframe: 12 months

Case Study: How Lebanon Remodeling went from $834k to $1.4 million in net profit in 1 year (without hiring additional employees)

"Working with HealthSapiens is the most effective way to date to increase your revenue without adding cost. Our profit soared in 2020."

Shaun Windsor, Owner

Lebanon Remodeling
Before: $833,768 [2019]
After: $1,401,345 [2020]
Profit Gain: $567,577
Timeframe: 12 months

Who This Is For

If you are a home improvement contractor or business owner with more than 10 employees who wants:

  • to deliver quality work and win more business
  • to become a "big-time contractor" in your area and gain the respect of your family, friends, and community
  • ​to be able to pay employees their wages and manage cashflow (despite the economic downtrend)
  • wants to have more time in the day to manage projects and grow your business 

...then this is for you!

Core Concept

Here is the truth: you can double your profit in less than 12 months if you do three things:
1) Boost employee productivity and engagement
2) Reduce days of employee absenteeism
3) Reduce employee churn
Most contractors are not aware of this (we’ve asked around). To solve this problem, HealthSapiens has pioneered a one-of-a-kind program aimed at helping home improvement contractors and small businesses.
  • Our program has been proven to help increase profits, increase productivity, and increase employee retention
  • We are the only company of our kind dedicated to solving this particular problem for home improvement contractors and small business owners

Who Are We?

  • Founded in 2016, we have helped more than 30,000 people improve their productivity, health, and profitability (including many contractors)
  • HealthSapiens was voted the “Best Subscription Service for Online Doctors” by Consumer's Advocate in 2020 and again in 2021
  • We have been featured on, in the New York Times, Healthcare NOW Radio (and more)

30,000 Helped (and Counting...)

Who I Am & Who's With Me

Karim Babay HealthSapiens
Karim Babay
CEO @ HealthSapiens
Serial entrepreneur, corporate strategist, veteran of Wall Street, global investing, corporate finance, and hedge funds
This is me at the United Nations where I spoke recently, as Chairman of the Board of the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation  
Dr. Fred Browne
Chief Medical Officer of Griffin Hospital in Connecticut, Infectious Diseases Specialist
Bunny Ellerin
Co-founder and president of NYC Health Business Leaders, Director at Columbia Business School, former VP @ Vivra Specialty Partners
Steve Quinoñes
Director of Sales @ HealthSapiens
Seasoned sales representative, former employee of Bear Stearns
John McCready
CFO @ Felix Energy, former VP of Finance + Treasurer @ Samson Resources, backgrounds in finance + strategic planning + mergers & acquisitions
Aaron Gardner
Director of Tech + Web Dev. @ HealthSapiens
Full stack web developer specializing in productivity optimization, automation, administration systems, payment systems

Background Story

  • In 2016, I took my daughter to the Emergency Room when she wasn’t feeling well
  • ​I had a full-blown health insurance plan, but my daughter’s Pediatrician wasn’t available
  • ​After 6 hours of waiting, I was told the issue wasn’t an emergency, it was “all in my head” and we were sent home (after a $1,500 E.R. bill)

Hard Lessons I Learned...

  • Having health insurance doesn’t guarantee access to a doctor when you need one the most
  • 70% of emergency visitors are unnecessary
    Most people go to the E.R. because they don’t have access to a doctor and not because they’re having an emergency
I realized that had a doctor been available, the whole mess could have been avoided -- and I would have had $1,500 extra in my pocket

…And thus: HealthSapiens was born.

  • As a serial entrepreneur and board member for numerous companies, I understand the frustrations, trials, and tribulations that come along with running a successful company and optimizing output
  • I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve gotten my hands dirty, I’ve been around the block as a business-owner
  • ​I have seen what does and doesn’t work when it comes to improving a company’s bottom line can we boost our bottom line?

Traditionally, there were 3 ways most companies would consider in order to increase profits. The problem is, each has their own associated costs and hassle.
  • Hire more employees
  • ​Replace churned employees
  • ​Reduce employee sick days
I'll dig into each of these now -- what you learn might surprise you...

Method 1 To Boost Profits: Hire more employees

Old Way

Hiring more employees to win (and execute) more contracts involves posting ads, hiring headhunters, locating and interviewing suitable workers, and going in circles until finding the right candidate(s).

Old Result

It takes on average 52 days to fill a position and costs around $4000 to hire a new employee (not including additional costs related to training and integration)

New Way

Instantly provide employees with virtual 24/7 access to doctors to keep them healthy and boost productivity: Work with your existing employees!

New Result

10% increase in staff productivity over 6 months translates to an increase in profit by 40-100%.

The Facts

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 8.8 hours every day.
    A study of nearly 2,000 full-time workers revealed that most people aren't actually “working” within those hours on the job
  • Salaried or hourly paid employees are operating at 50-60% capacity.
    A 10-15% increase in employees’ productivity translates to an output increase and revenue increase without the added costs associated with hiring more employees.
  • A company can increase its profit by 40-100% by improving employee productivity by just 10%.
    This results in high efficiency and minimizes time and effort training new staff
  • ​If your net margins are 10%, then a 10% increase in revenue (with no added cost) will double your profit.

The Relationship Between Productivity And Profit

This chart shows that even a slight percentage of employees’ productivity could have a meaningful impact on company profitability. Most companies are paying for 8 hours of effort per day, but are only getting 4 hours of actual output (50% productivity). By increasing real output by 5%, profitability can jump by 50% (or more)

The Most Popular Unproductive Activities By Employees Each Day Include…

This adds up to over 5 hours per day per employee

If you think your employees are giving you 8 hours of net productivity, think again...

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most people aren’t actually “working” within those hours on the job.

Most employees are operating at 50-60% productivity, and therefore an increase of 10% in productivity is very easy to achieve if they are properly engaged/incentivized.

Method 2 To Boost Profit: Replace churned employees

Old Way

  • Constant setbacks and fire drills while spending 10+ hours per week looking to replace employees who left
  • ​Spend (on average) 23.5 hours to review applicants, 4 hours to pre-screen them, and 1.5 hours for interviews & prep
  • Time-consuming paperwork and back-and-forth

Old Result

  • It costs as much as 33% of a worker’s annual salary to find, train and integrate an employee, at an average cost of $15,000 per employee
  • ​Employee morale is low due to high turnover
  • Enormous amount of energy spent replacing those who left instead of focusing on growing the business and managing existing customers

New Way

Retain your high-performing employees via added benefits (go Benefits “Light”)

New Result

  • Employees are more productive
  • Employees feel their employer cares about them and their families (leading to reduced churn)


Reducing employee churn can lead to a significant decrease of costs, better work environment, and increase revenue.


“My industry has a high turnover rate so there is no way it can be prevented”


It has been proven that focusing on existing employees and minimizing churn allows you to retain employees and retain them for longer. The longer the employee stays, the lower the likelihood of them quitting.

Method 3 to Boost Profit: Manage Unexpected Employee Sick Days

Old Way

Constant morning drills having to deal with a bunch of employees not showing up on the job site

Old Result

Employees constantly skipping days of work to tend to their or their families’ health when getting sick.

New Way

Offer employees virtual 24/7 access to doctors to allow convenient access to medical care for them and their families.

New Result

Save at least 2 sick days per employee per year.


According to Circadian, unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,660 each year for salaried employees.


Reducing an employee’s sick days leads to major cost savings and increased output per employee, ultimately leading to higher company revenue. 
The CDC Foundation has recently-published a report relating how worker illness and injury costs US employers $225.8 billion annually.  

In Summary

As you can see, by simply improving your employees’ productivity, reducing employee churn, and managing employees’ unexpected sick days, you could DOUBLE your net income in 1 year (or less)

It's as simple as this:

  • Boost employee productivity by 10%
  • Reduce churn
  • Reduce employee sick days

So...what are your options?

Option 1: Offer employee health insurance benefits

This option is costly and ineffective (while also draining resources). You can expect to pay $7,000 or more per employee per year, and it can take weeks (or months) to get it finalized.   

Option 2: Replace lost employees

This option is costly and time-consuming. You can expect to pay $4,000 or more per employee to hire along with a 10% increase in payroll. Plus, it takes an average of 52 days to find and hire a new employee.  

Option 3: Continually hunt for new employees

This option is costly and decreases profitability. You can expect to pay $15,000 or more per employee, and like option 2, it takes an average of 52 days to find and hire your new employee.

Option 4 (The Better Option)

Instead of dealing with the hassle and costs of finding employees or offering health insurance benefits, you could just use HealthSapiens to achieve a 100% increase in net income in less than a year (for 1/100th of the price of alternative methods).

Again, this is for home improvement contractors and businesses with at least 10 employees who are trying to win more customers and significantly boost profits...

Here's how Montessori Remodeling was able to double their profits working with HealthSapiens...

Case Study: How Montessori Remodeling went from $1 Million to $2 Million in net profit in 12 months (without hiring additional employees)

“Reliable and effective service that allowed us to provide affordable healthcare to our employees and increase our profit at the same time”

Jeff Monti, CEO

Montessori Remodeling
Before: $1.003M net income [2019]
After: $2.025M net income [2020]
Profit Gain: $1.022M (102% increase)
Timeframe: 12 months

Before HealthSapiens

  • Revenue per employee: <$50,000
  • Employee churn rate: >7%
  • Employee sick days/year: >10 days
  • Employees w/ healthcare access: <5%

After HealthSapiens

  • Revenue per employee: >$85,000
  • Employee churn rate: <2%
  • Employee sick days/year: <2 days
  • ​Employees w/ healthcare access: 100%

What Could Happen When You Work With Us

  • Increase your net income by 40-100%
  • ​Increase your staff productivity by at least 10%
  • ​Reduce your employee turnover
  • ​Offer benefits to your employees and their families by giving them 24/7 access to doctors
  • ​Reduce employees missing days of work due to illness of themselves or their families
  • Put more money in your employees’ pockets by saving them on expensive visits with a Primary Care Physician, Urgent Care, and yes...unnecessary and expensive trips to the E.R.
  • Forget about cash flow problems...when your employees feel good and enjoy their job, they do better work
  • ​You will feel accomplished and proud because you’ll now be able to offer benefits to your employees and their families
  • Your employees and their families will have improved health and productivity, resulting in higher revenues (without incurring massive costs, like with health insurance plans)

Over 30,000 (and counting) have benefited from the power of HealthSapiens (and so can you)

We at HealthSapiens feel our solution is simply easier, faster, and better than any other alternative when it comes to substantially increasing profits for home improvement contractors and businesses with at least 10 employees

So...How Does It Work?


When you wanted to improve productivity and retention you would enroll your employees into a health insurance plan, which involves:
  • Heavy research on what’s out there (insurance is a very confusing product)
  • ​Seeking a quote from an insurance broker
  • ​Getting and reviewing the quote
  • ​Enrolling in an insurance plan


Very costly process. It takes 45-60 days to enroll in a plan and costs on average $7,000 per employee per year

But Now...

You can simply send us a spreadsheet with your employees’ names and basic contact info:
  • Email us your enrollment spreadsheet with just a few mouse clicks
  • ​All your employees are enrolled in our plan right away


All your employees and their families have instant access to doctors 24/7. Employee morale increases, and employee productivity increases... all for a fraction of the cost of an insurance policy.
We do not hurt your bottom line, unlike costly health insurance plans
Enrolling your employees takes only a few minutes and a few clicks of a mouse. Simply email us a spreadsheet of your employees and we can get them enrolled immediately.


When you wanted to deal with costly absenteeism and frequent lack of attendance without valid cause, you had to:
  • Create a lengthy employee attendance policy
  • ​Enforce your attendance policy
  • ​Keep track of employee absences
  • ​Address no-shows right away
  • ​Discover the causes of absence
  • ​Seek replacements to fill the gap


A very bureaucratic process, not to mention costly, human resource-heavy, and very distracting. This could cost you upwards of $3,000 per employee (per year) – and that’s before opportunity cost is factored in.

But Now...

Your employees can simply call or video chat with one of our doctors anytime for help with health-related matters.
  • Our doctors are available and on standby 24/7
  • It takes on average 12 minutes to connect with one of our doctors


  • Employees avoid wasting time booking appointments with doctors
  • Employees are not missing a half-day or full day of work by having to go to a doctor’s office
  • ​Employees are more productive and grateful (and have less chance of getting the rest of your employees sick)
  • ​Speak with a licensed, board-certified U.S. doctor within minutes (not days or weeks)
  • ​Speak with a doctor by phone or video chat on almost any device
  • Prescriptions sent to member's preferred pharmacy
Screenshot of our Patient Portal
  • Easily update and export health records
  • ​Easily add family members
  • ​Request remote doctor appointments with a few clicks of a mouse


We built a calculator to help business owners see how much they can save per year by offering HealthSapiens plans for employees. The chart here shows an example of the savings.

Offering HealthSapiens not only is good for your business and bottom line, but also is great for your employees. See how much your employees will stand to save by using HealthSapiens.

What's The Next Step?

Here is the catch:

If you wanted to double your net income using “the old ways”, it would cost you a significant amount of time and money (depending on the size of your company).
For a company with 20 employees, that figure comes out to around $140,000 (per year)....ouch.

The better option: HealthSapiens

HealthSapiens is priced at less than 5% of that amount.
Instead of paying $7,000 per year per employee, that means you’re able to go Benefits “Light” with HealthSapiens and offer our telehealth solution to your employees for a minuscule fraction of the cost of health insurance.

But the price won't remain this low forever...

To take the next steps and learn what HealthSapiens can do for your business, book a call with us:

A special bonus for you

We’re going to offer you a special deal we don’t normally advertise.

For a limited time, we’re going to offer you a 35% discount off our already-low price.

...but only if you act now.

Q & A

What conditions can be treated?

Members can be diagnosed and treated for 80% of acute symptoms such as: allergies, bronchitis, cold, cough, diarrhea, ear ache, eye infection, fever, flu, headaches, pneumonia, rash/skin infection, sinus infection, small wound, stomach ache, upper respiratory issues, vomiting, and yeast infections.
Unless you are ready to call the ambulance, HealthSapiens can be your first line of defense.

How does HealthSapiens Medical work?

  • Once registered as a new user, members simply log into the Patient Portal or call our toll-free number to request a consultation with a doctor
  • Members can be speaking with a doctor in 12 minutes (or less) by phone or video chat
  • ​When a prescription is required, it can be sent to any preferred local pharmacy for pickup
HealthSapiens never charges a per-visit fee or deductible. Members can skip the drive to and from the doctor’s office, the waiting room, and the hassle.

Is health insurance required?

HealthSapiens is available for employees regardless of whether or not health insurance is available. There is never a deductible or co-pay. The only cost is a low annual rate per employee per year for unlimited virtual access to doctors anytime day or night, weekday or weekend (and even on holidays).

Is HealthSapiens Medical the same as a health insurance plan?

No, HealthSapiens is not health insurance, and works independently of any existing health insurance plan (if applicable.) An insurance carrier will never be billed, and no deductible or third-party verification will be required.

Does HealthSapiens prescribe medication?

Yes, HealthSapiens doctors are able to prescribe medications and send prescriptions to the member's preferred pharmacy (available in all 50 states).

Is HealthSapiens an online pharmacy?

No, HealthSapiens is not a pharmacy. We connect patients with high-quality doctors in their own state who can diagnose and treat most acute health conditions remotely.

Has HealthSapiens won any awards?

Yes. HealthSapiens has been voted “The Best Subscription Service for Online Doctors” by Consumer’s Advocate twice in a row in 2020 and 2021, due to our effectiveness, quality of service, and overall affordability.

Why is HealthSapiens so affordable?

Unlike insurance, there are no greedy intermediaries between members and doctors. The money paid goes to doctors without kick-backs to insurance companies or government entities.

Is HealthSapiens offered in my state?

Yes. HealthSapiens can connect patients with doctors in all 50 states (and Puerto Rico)

A Word of Warning

To ensure high-quality service for our members, we can only guarantee a limited number of slots for new companies each month.
If we’ve met our limit by the time you speak with us, your name can be added to our waiting list (where we will follow up on a first-come, first served basis.)

So, let's summarize what you get one more time...

  • You can expect a significant increase to your profit
  • ​You can increase employee productivity by 10% (or more)
  • You can spend more time focusing on running and growing your business (and less time on hiring and training new employees)
  • ​You can offer your employees benefits with 24/7 virtual access to doctors
  • ​You can be eligible for 35% off our already-low rate if you request a call with us this week

For a customized quote, please click/tap the button below and complete the form...

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